Making shared rides happen

PART aggregates demand for rides, then distributes it to supply services, efficiently.

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Introducing PART

PART is focused on sharing existing transportation resources such as shuttles and ride-hailing to increase their utilization and fill more seats.

PART aggregates demand and distribute it to supply.

How does it work?

PART developed a unique approach and a proprietary algorithm that removes friction, reduces costs, and considerably improves ride experiences.

PART is a simple, predictable and affordable service, in a single click.

Who are we helping?

PART collaborate with organizations and large hubs such as airports, train stations, and cities, to offer a cohesive solution that benefits:

πŸ‘ Passengers get a fast and affordable service.
πŸ‘ Organizations improve flow and overall operations.
πŸ‘ Our planet 🌎 by reducing the environmental impacts.

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